canzone dei dodici mesi testo, Lejonet Från Norden -- Ultima Thule (1995). into mud on the roads, into mud on the roads. you see it and it's already gone, you see it and it's already gone. they look like lovers after an elopement. Yet in your days it's lovery to fall asleep. the laughter of thaw, the laughter of thaw. you brew must and inebriation, you brew must and inebriation. A A. the dead are celebrated, the dead are celebrated . Canzone dei dodici mesi testo Guarda il video Canzone dei dodici mesi. different every year, yet the same every year. Song of the twelve months. low clouds raise like smoke, low clouds raise like smoke. Christ, the tiger, is born, Christ, the tiger, is born. Если ... in the shade of the evening, in the shade of the evening. the sorrowful seeds of death, the sorrowful seeds of death. Traduzione di “Canzone dei dodici mesi” Italiano → Inglese, testi di Francesco Guccini Canzone dei dodici mesi (Englisch Übersetzung) Künstler/in: Francesco Guccini; Lied: Canzone dei dodici mesi Englisch Übersetzung Englisch. I drink to Cenne and Folgore, I drink to Cenne and Folgore, I came into the world, I came into the world, with your ears of wheat you give bread to men, it was never so enjoyable getting intoxicated. with wine and warmth, with wine and warmth. a hand of tarot cards one never learns to play, what secrets about you were discovered by the poet. I'm not sure everyone has understood, October. February comes and the world keeps its head down. Testo Canzone dei dodici mesi. in those fat vats, as large as a full stomach. who called you cruel, who called you cruel? Viene Gennaio silenzioso e lieve, un fiume addormentato. but in your days, as foretold by prophets. Testo Canzone Dei Dodici Mesi Viene Gennaio silenzioso e lieve, un fiume addormentato fra le cui rive giace come neve il mio corpo malato, il mio corpo malato... Sono distese lungo la … ditch your sorrows and dress up as Harlequin. Ну да, толкование PZ близко к истине. Carnival is all over the streets, Carnival is all over the streets. January comes, silent and subtle, a sleeping river. Oh days, oh months that run away endlessly. those dark, tired trees, those dark, tired trees. September is the month of reconsideration, after the summer it brings the usual gift, You sit down and think and start playing again.

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